Nicole Harvey makes her debut at Edinburgh Festival with her live one woman show “Delicious & Dateless”



Nicole Harvey made her Edinburgh debut with a sell out short run of her one-woman show in 2014,
material expanding on the stories from her ongoing comedy webisodes.

Turning 40, Nicole wonders how living an adventurous, non-conformist life put her on the shelf?

A fusion of personal story, social commentary, and roleplaying – with a hint of stand up – Nicole’s show takes us on a guided tour round the major landmarks of her dating history. Excruciating honesty from a smart, happy-in her-own-skin kinda lady who has been forced to re-strategise as her best friends all moved country, “moved to the country”, or disappeared into motherhood. She refuses to shop online for love, and she still likes to tear up a dance floor, but finds herself mismatched with much, much younger acquaintances! From inappropriate setups by pitying couples who have found the Holy Grail of Marriage to kitchen banishment by uncomfortable wives at dinner parties, Nicole constantly finds herself forced to apologise for enjoying childless freedom. She is certainly not Bridget Jones and is far from a “man hater.” She is, however, definitely in culture shock! She misses good old-fashioned manners, and is forced to exist in this cybercentric, tinder-tastic, selfie-posing era. “How,” she wonders, “does one make eye contact in a world that’s hunched over smart phones?”

“Delicious & Dateless” began in February 2014 as a monologue, which was well received in comedy circles:
“Sassy and gorgeously funny” – Anil Desai

The content readily lent itself to webisodes, so Nicole began production. Momentum grew and she is now excited to perform her solo show at the Brighton Fringe. Nicole has trained and worked as an actress, in London, Los Angeles, and Paris.

Listings info:

Venue: Space 3 COWGATEHEAD
Date: 1st-14th August 2014
Tickets: Free – Unticketed
Time: 1pm (45 mins)

Contact: – 07798524836
Episode 1: “The Valentine’s Conspiracy” live on You Tube:

London Preview:

Saturday 26th July, 8pm
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Downstairs at The Royal George Pub,
133 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0EA
1st – 14th August, 1pm – 2pm
Venue Website   Fringe Website   Directions
Cowgatehead Space 3 (Venue #32),
65 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW


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