Delicious & Dateless

LILIESNicole Harvey is “Delicious & Dateless”! Nicole wonders how living an adventurous, non-conformist life put her on the shelf as she turns 40. A fusion of personal story, social commentary, and character comedy, with a hint of stand up – Nicole shares a wry, satirical, hugely relatable insight into through dating through the decades, and the meaning of wooing with an array of characters from around the world. She was forced to re-strategise as her best friends all moved country, “moved to the country”, or disappeared into motherhood. She doesn’t want to shop for love or sex online. She still likes to tear up a dance floor,just not on snap chat! From inappropriate setups by pitying couples who have found the Holy Grail of Marriage to kitchen banishment by uncomfortable wives at dinner parties, Nicole constantly finds herself forced to apologise for enjoying childless freedom. She is certainly not Bridget Jones and is far from a “man hater.” She’s in culture shock and is horrified to explain to much younger acquaintances that it is only normal in porn for a first kiss to involve hair pulling! She misses good old-fashioned manners, loves to connect and talk like humans already, yet is forced to exist in this cyber centric, tinder-tastic, selfie-posing era. She wonders if perhaps her virtual self would have more fun than she is. When did eye contact go so out of fashion, and are we becoming the commodities?

The stage show of “Delicious & Dateless” – Nicole’s debut one woman show that built on the stories from the ongoing “Delicious&Dateless” web series – enjoyed a short run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014, playing to full houses, sold out at the Brighton Fringe 2015, and great reviews at the Camden Fringe 2015, last performed at London’s Shoreditch House. Nov 8th 2015.
“astute & fun” :
“beautiful & funny” :

She was interviewed about the show on LONDON LIVE TV. Watch here:

“This show is classily put together…engaging and lively…Harvey’s charismatic…she astutely raises some pertinent issues …”

– Steve Bennett Chortle

“Delicious & Dateless” began in February 2014 as a monologue, which was well received in comedy circles:
“Sassy and gorgeously funny”
– Anil Desai

The content readily lent itself to webisodes, so Nicole began production. Momentum grew and following the fun in Edinburgh she enjoyed this empowering journey and learning curve. Nicole has trained and worked as an actress, in London, Los Angeles, and Paris.

To watch a webisode, check out Nicole’s YouTube channel here: