“Delicious & Dateless” Launch

EscalatorNicole’s latest project sees her writing, producing and starring in comedy webisodes and a one woman show premiering with La Favorita Freestival at the Edinburgh Fringe August 1st-14th 2014
The material is blend of personal story, situational comedy,role playing & social commentary.
The story of a comfortable-in-her-own-skin woman turning 40 who is still single and in culture shock!
Forced to re-strategise since her bffs all moved country, “moved to the country”, or disappeared into motherhood. She doesn’t want to shop online for love, and is in culture shock, struggling to relate in this cyber-centric, tinder-tastic, selfie posing disconnected era!
She still likes to tear up a dance floor.
She is certainly not Bridget Jones nor a “man hater.”
Hilarious mismatches with much, much younger acquaintances.
Inappropriate setups by pitying couples who have found the Holy Grail of Marriage, who also force her to apologise for enjoying childless freedom!
“How” she wonders, “does one make eye contact with anyone in a world hunched over smart phones?”

Aftetr months of hard work and generous support she is pleased to launch Episode 1: “The Valentine’s Conspiracy” – a comedic exploration of Valentine’s Day. The craziness of the retail conspiracy – that pressurises “the special ones” to show their love in buying tat, and renders singletons as failures!



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